Where can I see the reports of my activity?

All the reports are available on your 500Affiliates account. To see your updated reports, all you need to do is to log into your account and access the 'Reports' section.

What kind of reports are available?

In order for you to track your performance and follow your revenue, 500Affiliates offers you different types of reports, such as: Statistics, Tracking, Visits, Earnings Reports, Tags, Sub Accounts, Referred Affiliates Report, etc.
You can see on your reports important data and trends regarding your referred traffic, earnings etc. Once you log into your account you have full access to all your reports from the ‘Reports’ page.

How can I know that my referred traffic is tracked?

The marketing tools that we provide you on your affiliate account carry your unique Affiliate ID. This way our system can efficiently track your traffic. Example of referral link: http://www.plus500.com/?id=0000&tags=tag&pl=2.

Two steps to verify by yourself the tracking process:

  1. Place the mouse on a referral link/other creative placed on your approved website, to see your unique ID in the link that appears on the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on your referral link from your approved domain. On the ‘Home page’ of Plus500 website check the link that appears when you place your mouse over ‘No download Webtrader’ - you will see your Affiliate ID in the link.